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Balanced Hart, located in San Mateo CA, specializes in Massage Therapy & Personal Training with a variety of Personalized In-Office & Mobile Services.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a corporate professional needs a helping hand hitting that “reset” button, we value a holistic approach to health & wellness, fueled by education, with a clear focus on helping you live your life to the fullest.

We’re proud to provide some of the best massage therapy around, with goal-oriented, education-centered, and results-driven techniques. It’s amazing how many aches & pains we carry around with us that we are unaware of until someone starts poking on them! It also takes a considerable amount of energy to block out those aches and pains. And, believe it or not, much of it is self-inflicted. We’re here to help you identify and correct those habits & start treating your body right.

It’s time to reconnect with your body, reclaim ease of movement, and live a pain-free life. We believe that bodywork is not just about massage therapy, but also about education. You make the biggest impact when you feel your best…and we are here in the Bay Area to help you do just that.

About Charlene:


Charlene began working in gyms during high school while growing up on the Peninsula. Whether at Gold’s Gym in Foster City, World’s Gym in Huntington Beach, The Bay Clubs in San Francisco and Redwood Shores, or in her clients’ private gyms, Charlene has passionately prioritized the health and fitness goals of her clients. 

Charlene trains clients around the Bay Area. She counts friends, neighbors, local religious leaders, top executives from Twitter, Google, Facebook and Apple, and the local police and fire departments among her clients.

A personal trainer for over 12 years, Charlene holds certifications from the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She also holds an AA in Kinesiology. 

As your trainer, Charlene understands how to accomplish your goals, make positive behavior changes, and establish life-long healthy habits.

Whatever your fitness goals, Charlene will work with you to develop a personalized plan and be right there with you as you accomplish your goals. 

  • Want to run a half- or full-marathon? Charlene will run with you to help pace you, motivate you, and help you focus on the race.  

  • Thinking of completing the Death Ride? Charlene will join you for each and every pass.

  • Injured? Recovering? Forgot your PT’s exercises? Charlene has trained and massaged clients with knee, hip and shoulder reconstructive surgeries.  

She incorporates a holistic approach to her client sessions, targeting all components of health and wellness. Her focus on teaching proper form, posture, and balance helps ensure client’s body and spatial awareness while exercising. 

Charlene is also active in her local community. She volunteers with Hip Housing, the San Francisco Food Bank, the Peninsula League, the Burlingame Community Education Foundation and Washington Elementary. She is also a sponsor and member of the Burlingame United Cycling Club.

Charlene Hart
Charlene Hart

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